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The health care industry

The health care equipment industry is a multidisciplinary cross and technology-intensive high-tech one, at present China's medical equipment deployment level is relatively low, high-end medical equipment demand mainly rely on importing. With the rapid progress of domestic enterprise research and development ability, and the transfer of market concentration from high-tech to affordable, the competitiveness of domestic products is gradually growing, also providing domestic medical automation industry a rare opportunity.

The health care industry
The health care industry
The health care industry

We can provide the following related equipment, as well as the corresponding automation integration solution:

Automatic vein set blood collecting needle tube testing machine

Automatic (sterile) Intravenous needle installing machine

Plastic injection needle installing automatic machine

Flexible catheters attachment automatic installing machine

Precision filter install automatic machine of infusion apparatus

Automatic tee tube assembly test machine

Catheter hard vein needle test machine

Automatic production line for dust mask


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